Langkawi Island Hopping

Gambaran keseluruhan

Mulakan perjalanan yang mengujakan dengan Lawatan Menjelajah Pulau Langkawi. Destinasi pertama dalam lawatan mengelilingi pulau ini adalah Pulau Dayang Bunting. Dikenali sebagai pulau kedua terbesar di tengah-tengah 99 pulau indah Langkawi, ia memikat hati pengunjung dengan Tasik Dayang Bunting. Tasik unik ini, berbentuk menarik iaitu seperti seorang wanita hamil yang berbaring. Selain itu, tasik ini menawarkan pelbagai aktiviti. Sebagai contoh, berendam dalam air yang menyegarkan, berseronok dengan aktiviti berkayak, atau mengalami pelbagai jenis aktiviti yang berbeza di spa ikan keli semula jadi.

Daripada situ, lawatan ini diteruskan ke Pulau Singa Besar, tempat perlindungan bagi peminat alam. Ini adalah tempat yang sempurna untuk menyaksikan burung helang agung berterbangan dan menawarkan pemandangan yang benar-benar memukau.

Akhir sekali, akhiri lawatan menjelajah pulau ini dengan berehat dan bersantai di Pulau Beras Basah. Lokasi seperti syurga ini mempunyai pantai berpasir putih yang cantik, menyediakan latar belakang yang sangat indah untuk berehat di tepi pantai. Terjun ke dalam air laut yang jernih dan nikmati aktiviti menyelam untuk meneroka kehidupan laut yang indah. 

Selepas menikmati matahari terbenam dan semua keajaiban yang ditawarkan oleh pulau-pulau ini, lawatan menjelajah pulau memastikan perjalanan yang selesa kembali ke jeti utama di Pulau Langkawi, selepas itu tetamu akan dihantar pulang ke penginapan mereka dengan selesa. Satu hari yang penuh dengan pengalaman yang pelbagai menjanjikan kenangan yang akan berkekalan sepanjang hayat.

Langkawi Island Hopping Pakej Tersedia

Island Hopping Boat Tour - Shared Boat

Lihat Butiran

MYR 45.00

MYR 35.10

Island Hopping Private Boat Tour (1 to 8 Pax)

Lihat Butiran

MYR 450.00

MYR 305.10

Island Hopping Private Boat Tour (9 to 12 Pax)

Lihat Butiran

MYR 550.00

MYR 350.10

Island Hopping Private Boat Tour (13 to 16 Pax)

Lihat Butiran

MYR 700.00

MYR 449.10

Island Hopping Private Boat Tour (20 Pax)

Lihat Butiran

MYR 1,000.00

MYR 584.10


  • Island hopping Tour is Langkawi's most popular excursion. It charters all the needs, from single traveler, families and also nature lovers
  • In this tour, you will visit couple of island, famous Lake of the Pregnant Maiden and also beautiful white sand beach -Pulau Beras Basah.
  • Witness magnificent Brahminy Kite, Langkawi kings of the sky, in our second stop.
  • Explore crystal clear waters and prestigious white sand beach at Beras Basah Island.
  • Take part in a wide range of thrilling water activities on the island, dive into the turquoise sea, or chill at the beach bar!

Maklumat Tambahan

  • Langkawi Island Hopping Tour morning trip runs from 9am to 12pm, afternoon trip runs from 2pm to 5pm.
  • Return transfer applicable only in Pantai Cenang & Pantai Tengah hotel. Pickup will be 30 min earlier.
  • Meet up point is at the Teluk Baru Jetty, at least 15 minutes before the island hopping tour start
  • Not include Tasik Dayang bunting fee RM3/adult Malaysian (Mykad), RM1/child RM6/adult Foreigner, RM 3/child
  • Free Admission for children below two (2) years old, Child ticket 10 years and below
  • To ensure availability during your preferred time, please book the island hopping tour at least two hours in advance.


" The tour is worth doing given the beauty of the islands. Our experience was impacted by heavy rains which started once we landed on the first island and lasted all through the tour. No activities were possible. On the last island (beach), the small snack shops also were closed by the time we reached there. Nothing to do due to the weather. Be prepared to get wet and take a spare set of clothes in a waterproof bag with you "
By Vinod Gulabrai Tahiliani
3 day ago
" Fun and relaxing outdoor activities. "
By Ng Kok Choon
1 week ago
" Nice and very happy experiance "
By Prasanna
2 week ago
" Nice experience and good staff indeed and got a good price "
By Anand T V
3 week ago
" Good experience to bring over kids together … kids very enjoying the hopping "
By Chua Eng Liong
4 week ago
" Good experience "
By Ng Choon Khim
1 month ago
" The entire process was smooth and the team was very professional and friendly. We had a wonderful experience and made beautiful memories. "
By Saed M R Abdou
1 month ago
" Nice , trustworthy service "
By Farhan Shaikh
1 month ago
" Provided a great service if you haven't been to Langkawi and need travel help. Car rental was smooth, car was nice and not overly expensive, straight out of the airport door. They have a lot of activity options - the private boat island hopping was good for kids. The cable car was fun also, unless you are afraid of heights. They kept in constant contact and responded to any questions right away. They let me know there was an issue with cable car on Friday and rebooked us for Saturday, saving us a wasted trip. Would recommend for anyone. "
By Owen Allan Gower
1 month ago
" Excellent "
1 month ago


We recommend bringing sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun, a towel and an extra set of clothes for after water activities, swimwear for the water activities, a waterproof camera (optional), and a waterproof bag to keep your belongings dry during the tour.

Yes, life jackets are provided to ensure the safety of guests during the boat ride. For water activities, you can rent at dedicated kiosk at every location.

You are welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks if you prefer, all we ask from you is to bring the trash and food waste back to island for disposal.

The island hopping tour is designed to be enjoyable for all ages. However, it does involve some water activities and might not be suitable for very young children or the elderly with mobility issues.

While it's not a requirement, knowing how to swim will allow you to fully enjoy water-based activities. However, life jackets are provided for everyone's safety.

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