Langkawi SkyCab Cable Car Ticket

Gambaran keseluruhan

SkyCab: Sebuah stesen kereta kabel pertengahan di banjaran timur menyediakan akses yang sangat dikehendaki ke tebing timur dengan 3 cerobong menegak dan pemandangan 360 darjah yang indah. Perjalanan dari Stesen Pangkalan ke Stesen Tengah meliputi jarak 1,700 meter dan apabila tiba di Stesen Tengah pada ketinggian 650m di atas paras laut, pengunjung akan dapat turun dan berjalan ke platform tontonan.

Skyrex: SkyRex menyediakan pengalaman dinamik dan benar-benar mendalam yang membawa simulasi deria dan fizikal ke tahap yang baharu. Pengembaraan yang merangsang adrenalin yang akan mengujakan, mendebarkan dan memukau dalam ukuran yang sama.

SkyDome: Dilengkapi dengan 12 projektor, SkyDome menawarkan 360 darjah unjuran imej 3D yang dengan mudah merangkumi bidang penglihatan anda. Sensasinya dibawa ke dimensi seterusnya dan dipertingkatkan lagi dengan definisi tinggi (HD). Ia pasti akan menjerumuskan anda ke dalam pengalaman yang tidak dapat dilupakan.

3D Art Langkawi: Terletak di sekitar Oriental Village, terdapat sembilan zon tema berbeza yang anda pasti akan nikmati. Zon yang berbeza termasuk Zon Akuarium, Zon Safari, Zon Fantasi, Zon Ilusi Optik, Zon Malaysia, Zon Klasik, Zon Dewan Utama, Zon Interaktif 1 dan Zon Interaktif 2.

Langkawi SkyCab Cable Car Ticket Pakej Tersedia

4in1 Langkawi SkyCab - Normal Lane (Malaysian Citizen)

Lihat Butiran

MYR 43.00

MYR 40.85

4 in 1 Langkawi SkyCab - Normal Lane (International)

Lihat Butiran

MYR 85.00

MYR 80.75

Glass Bottom Gondola

Lihat Butiran

MYR 105.00

MYR 99.75

360 Gondola

Lihat Butiran

MYR 155.00

MYR 147.25

Private Gondola

Lihat Butiran

MYR 550.00

MYR 522.50


Lihat Butiran

MYR 550.00

MYR 522.50


  • Langkawi SkyCab Cable Car is one of the most-visited attractions on Langkawi Island
  • Enjoy the most-exciting cable car ride on the longest free-span ride in Malaysia of the entire length of 2.2 Km with a continuous spectacular view of Mount Machinchang at 708m above sea level and surrounding islands
  • To those who dare, book a glass bottom gondola and enjoy the ride on one of the steepest cable car slopes in the world
  • Go up 708m above sea level to catch views of the entire archipelago and Southern Thailand while enjoying scrumptious food and drinks at the SkyBistro
  • Anda juga boleh menjelajah atraksi lain seperti SkyRex, SkyDome, dan 3D Art Langkawi.
  • Enjoy scrumptious food and hot drinks at the top of the mountain with a spectacular view.

Maklumat Tambahan

  • Confirmation will be issued at time of booking
  • Each Standard Gondola can accommodate 6 persons with a total weight of 480kg
  • The availability of Skybridge is subject to change depending on weather conditions (it might be closed for a short period of time)
  • Please expect a long queue during holiday season
  • Please reach the station earlier to redeem the cable car tickets.
  • Children aged 0-2 can enter free of charge Child ticket: aged 3-12 Children aged 13+ will be charged the same rate as adults
  • SkyCab Cable Car Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00 Everyday. Last admission: 18:00.
  • Langkawi SkyCab and SkyBridge will be closed for the public on 02th July 2023 until 17th July 2023 due to yearly maintenance to ensure the safety of system for the use of our visitors.


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Yes, in most cases, the staff will arrange the family to be in the same gondola. If that's not the case, you may also ask the on-site staff and request for that.

The SkyCab cable car ride involves a significant elevation and offers panoramic views from a high altitude. While it's entirely safe, it might not be comfortable for people with a fear of heights.

Peak hours are typically during the mid-day and on public holidays or long weekends. For a more relaxed visit, we recommend visiting early in the morning on a weekday.

The SkyCab cable car operation is subject to weather conditions. In case of extreme weather, the cable cars may be temporarily closed for safety reasons. But not to worry, any changes we can assist you by reaching our hotline.

You may navigate to the following locations to get to the cable car station. For Google Maps. For Waze.

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