Machinchang Petland


Machinchang Petland Langkawi (MPL) provides a unique petting zoo experience, inviting visitors to closely interact with a diverse range of tame and exotic animals. Spanning 24,000 square feet with two distinct zones, MPL ensures a novel experience for animal enthusiasts.

In the open field below the cable car line, visitors engage with various unique animals, such as miniature donkeys, emus, ostriches, miniature goats, turkeys, chickens, giant cochin chickens, and more. This interactive experience includes feeding and petting against the natural backdrop of Gunung Machinchang, creating memorable moments and photo opportunities.

Within the zoo zones, visitors explore the world of animals, encountering species like the Nilgai Antelope (MPL's mascot), miniature donkeys, antelopes, bat-eared foxes, Patagonian Maras, and more. The facility also showcases a diverse array of birds, including Mute swans, Black swans, Pink-Backed Pelicans, Pheasants, and others.

MPL invites families and friends on a surprising journey, blending education and entertainment. Whether interacting with animals in the open field or exploring the zoo zones, visitors are guaranteed a unique and enriching experience at Machinchang Petland Langkawi.

Machinchang Petland Package Availability

Machinchang Petland (Malaysian Citizen)

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MYR 23.00

Machinchang Petland (International)

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MYR 40.00


  • Unique Petting Zoo Experience: Machinchang Petland Langkawi (MPL) stands out for providing a distinctive and engaging petting zoo experience.
  • Diverse Animal Interaction: Visitors have the opportunity to interact closely with a diverse range of tame and exotic animals, totaling over 81 species.
  • Spacious Facility: MPL spans a significant area of 24,000 square feet, ensuring ample space for both animals and visitors.
  • Open Field Interaction: Below the cable car line, an open field invites visitors to engage with unique animals, including miniature donkeys, emus, ostriches, miniature goats, turkeys, chickens, giant cochin chickens, and more.
  • nteractive Experience: Visitors can participate in feeding and petting these animals, creating memorable moments against the natural backdrop of Gunung Machinchang.
  • Nature Connection: The open field provides a unique chance to connect with nature, offering photo opportunities with fascinating creatures.


  • Confirmation will be issued at time of booking
  • Please expect a long queue during holiday season
  • Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00 Everyday. Last admission: 18:00
  • Children aged 0-2 can enter free of charge Child ticket: aged 3-12 Children aged 13+ will be charged the same rate as adults

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